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Primary Classroom Activities – Fun Learning Experiences CLT on the job

Communicative language teaching, or CLT, is one of the best ways to learn a language. With pupils’ interactions through the various activities, learning is fun and meaningful. Here are some tips:

1. Bingo people

Each pupil has an activity sheet with words or phrases describing a person, for example, a math wizard, who has a friend outside, likes to read, likes to eat out, etc. They must use language while interacting with their classmates. Once they find out that a classmate fits the description, they write his name in the box with the description. Then, find another disciple, give a small talk and so on. When they finish the activity sheet, they send it to the teacher; Then the teacher announces the winner. Differences can be applied here. They can do the activity in the gym, multi-purpose hall, or outdoors.

2. Draw a guardian angel

Yes, children love to draw. And they will love it even more if they get the chance to display their creativity and imagination. Here, the teacher has to provide the material, for example, the questions to ask the learning partner. But when they get used to it, they can then formulate their own questions.

Through a question and answer, a pair of pupils can draw an angel. Say, one asks this: Does your angel have a “halo”? Does he/she have wings? The other, instead of answering orally, draws. Next, he will explain his drawing to his learning partner; Then, reverse the role. Variations can be: draw the monster, favorite fruit, landmark, etc.

3. Interview the star student

Let’s say the child is good at math. Of course, his classmates would love to hear about his secret study habits. Then he takes the center seat while his classmates sit around him and ask questions such as: “What makes you a schoolboy?” “,” What are your study habits? , etc. Here, the questions asked should be related to the topic or the ability level of the pupils. Variations can be: a new pupil at school, a young hero, a new class president, and the like.

4. Create/describe a scene

The teacher explains the mechanics of the activity. Suppose, bargaining at the night market – a customer keeps asking for a discount on an item – and tells some tall story about the item which he thinks will devalue the item. The shopkeeper behaves like a mute or deaf person, not keeping a single word silent; Just letting the bargainer do all the talking. Then the teacher says “Freeze”; Call on the other student to describe the scenario. Variations can be: real life situations such as a feast, baptism, earthquake scenario, or similar.

Such activities will make the classroom boring and exciting.

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