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Robert Kiyosaki says there are three types of education to achieve financial success

According to Robert Kiyosaki, there are three types of education that are fundamental to financial success in life.

School Education: This education teaches us reading, writing and mathematics. This education is very important in today’s world.

Vocational Education: This education teaches you how to work for money and if your intelligence gets you a job as a doctor, lawyer, accountant or other professional occupations such as plumbers, builders, auto mechanics and electricians. The country is full of schools that will give you this education to help you become more employable.

Financial Education: This is the education in which you learn to have money working for you rather than working for money. This education is not taught in most of our schools.

Many of our parents taught us the “poor dad” mentality where we had to get our education to go and work for someone else. Well, with the economy as it is now, having a corporate job is less stable than working at home. But as Kiyosaki’s “Rich Daddy” taught him, “If you have a poor financial education, you will always work for the rich.”

I don’t know about you, but I am psychologically unemployed having gained knowledge of financial education through my Wealth Masters International system. I am no longer employable to work for money. I need to work for myself and make my money work for me. Nothing else made sense, even if I was broke, would I go back to work for pay. When there are opportunities online where you can work from home, spend less time, and make a profit instead of a wage, the sky’s the limit.

I realized that the direct selling system is a way for anyone to acquire great wealth. The system is open to anyone with drive, determination and perseverance. Or as I like to categorize it, The Right Mindset, Marketing, and Mission. It doesn’t matter your age, gender, race or popularity. The direct sales industry is about how willing you are to learn, share and grow.

My experience with direct selling and network marketing is that people are very willing to share their newly acquired money-making systems. They become masters of their trade and give back to the economy in a positive way.

So let’s all share what we’ve learned for ourselves about financial education so we can all create wealth and not work for the rich man anymore.

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