Quality education

The power of education

Power comes in different forms. A person who displays and uses physical attributes is considered strong. A person who shows calmness in times of stress or trouble can be considered emotionally strong. An individual who displays above-average intellectual ability can be classified as mentally strong. Teaching power, though not widely recognized, is a life-changing agent capable of helping anyone develop it.

Quality education It produces the kind of strength upon which life can be built. Its foundation is strengthened by the solidity of knowledge, and its pillars have been established from the support of wisdom, and its structure has been solidified with the confidence of trust. Without it, the winds of chance and circumstance can blow over one’s existence like a tornado in a tree house.

Reading today’s reports on the challenges facing public schools will make readers shake their heads and think, Why bother? Poverty, Class Size, Family Issues, Technological Incompetence, Bullying – Physical and Online, Student Attitudes, Student Health – Obesity at Pandemic Levels, Parental Involvement or Overinvolvement, Funding… When taken together, it is no wonder such a grim and negative picture emerges.

Education is the cornerstone of our future

The truth is we should care because our future depends on it. The power of education remainsIt forms the cornerstone for understanding and addressing the critical issues facing our country and the world in the twenty-first century. Contrary to the pessimistic headlines from public education critics, success stories are pervasive in schools that struggle to overcome the constant challenges and obstacles of everyday learning.

Education, particularly in our public school system, has received a bad, some might say unfair, rap. highlight the negative It is, unfortunately, what makes headlines more frequent than the positive stories that occur daily in classrooms across the country. Teachers work intensely every day to build academically strong students who can apply this strength throughout life.

Students from all walks of life get a quality education that will make a profound difference in their lives and in their communities. Learning the three elements, and discovering their connection and meaning to the world beyond the school walls, creates the kind of strength that only literacy can provide.

Teaching power generates new ideas

The educational powerhouse generates critical ideas and choices for dealing with some of the most critical issues facing the United States and the entire planet. Discovering sustainable solutions to address current and future concerns, is only possible through Developing continuing general educationand a dedicated commitment to interactive teaching, engaging learning, and quality graduates.

More than ever, societal issues affect our students and their search for meaningful and productive lives. poverty It remains a major contributor to academic failure. Among children under the age of 18 in the United States, 41 percent are classified as low-income and about 19 percent—one in five—are considered poor and live in poverty.

Such statistics represent realistic and, in many cases, insurmountable factors in the near term, for achieving the kind of school success needed to permanently reverse an ongoing trend.”disengagement disadvantagedin our schools. However, through education we find knowledge, and through knowledge comes hope. Hope for the future, hope for a better life. We find strength.

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do even better.” Maya Angelou

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